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Blank of order

Purpose Size of plate, mm Heat treatment type Accuracy/deviation, mm Marking Anti-corrosion coating Finishing type of flatness Steel Quantity, pcs HRC hardness Chamfer
Matrix 430x400x27.0 Improvement h6 Yes Yes Grind st40x 1 28…32 2mm/45°
Plunger retainer 430х430х86.3 Normalization h7 Yes No Mill st45 1 --- 1mm/45°
Blank 350х250х60.0 --- +/-1mm No No Without processing st3 2 --- ---
* It is advisable to indicate the purpose of the plate for the selection of a replacement for the steel grade, in the absence of the required grade, or an economically justified billet in size.
** Thickness is indicated in tenths of a mm (if necessary, other dimensions too). From this size, by default, we work within the h7 quality tolerances.