We are the national manufacturer of steel plates for Mold Base and stamps

Our goal:

Prompt provision of mold bases and stamps manufacturers with high quality plates, blocks and blanks


1. Sets of steel plates for mold bases and stamps according to the catalog or to order. Possibility of heat treatment, jig boring and drilling deep holes.

2. Single steel plates according to the customer’s specifications in compliance with the specified parameters (geometry, tolerances, surface finish, hardness …).

3. Parallelepiped milled blanks with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

4. Blanks from steel sheet or forgings cut on a band saw with an accuracy of +/- 1 mm per 1000 mm.

Steel type

We have our own warehouse of rolled metal:

1. Flat products from structural steel types: 3; 20; 45; 40X.

2. Forgings from tool steels of the following grades: 1.2083 (40X13); 1.2343 (4X5MFS);

1.2344 (4X5MF1S); 1.2379 (Kh12MF).


1. Flat grinding with an accuracy of 6 quality and surface cleanliness up to grade 9 of roughness. Maximum dimensions: 1250x650x400mm.

2. Finish milling on machines with numerical software. With an accuracy of 7 quality and surface cleanliness up to 8 grade of roughness. Maximum dimensions 2300x1000x400mm.

3. Semi-finishing milling on machines with numerical software with an accurate to quality 9 and surface cleanliness up to grade 5 roughness. Maximum dimensions 2300x1000x400mm.

4. Without treatment. Blanks cut from sheet according to GOST 1577-93 or from forging.

Why prefer moldbase

Our values

The people:
a team of professionals that stands guard over quality of products.


This is confidence in the result: modern production with equipment that provides predicted result
within a specified period.


This is quality at a fair price: our own warehouse of materials, selected for quality and price.

Our advantages


We are confident in the team, equipment and materials, so we can guarantee that the quality meets the expectations of the Customer.

Customer support

You may ask the MOLD BASE’s experts
we are always happy to provide


All raw materials that come to us are officially certified. Substitution of steel grade is excluded.

Minimum terms

We make a set of plates for mold bases without holes and heat treatment in 2-4 working days.


The lowest price on the market.


If free-targeted delivery is necessary for you, we will make it possible.